Bill Akame
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Type Chaser
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Origin Cartoon + Anime
Map(s) Special Boss
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Bill Akame is a boss in Slender Fortress. She was possessed by Bill Cipher.

Story Edit

Akame got lost in the sinister forest. she saw a triangle with the eye in front of tree branch. An eye opens and the color becomes black and white.

Akame comes to A Triangle demon named Bill Cipher, the attack, but it can not touch. Bill asked him to calm down. Because Bill, knows that it is. Because he knows many things, that's why he saw the demon Akame Sword Murasame, killed people because they live in the nightmare. Akame asks Bill, to help to find his sister.

So Bill Cipher, agrees to help, but asks a favor. If Akame to need help, and Bill also request help for something. Akame accepted a favor, so she shakes hands with Bill, his hand is blue fire as it passes something. Akame ask him questions which he will choose! Bill Cipher, responds to Akame, "Mmmm .... let's see, waiting mmmmm .... what is it already. Oh I know mmmm ... YOU !!!

Akame is trapped. Bill took the body of Akame !! Akame stunned "No this can not be. WHY YOU DID TO MY BODY Bill, would laugh "Sorry because YOU IS NOW A PUPPET, Hahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!

Description Edit

Bill Akame had yellow and red eyes, black nugget. It can remove easily with a very powerful sword, cutting even able to outperform through. She is very strong and much more powerful with that power.

It is very fast and psychopath, with his face very ugly because of Bill Cipher.

In Slender Fortress Edit

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