Corrupted BLU and RED Demon Hamster
Intro Maniacal Laughter
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Quotes
Origin Demon Hamster


Map(s) Any
Theme song Helix6 - Archetype
Partners Corrupted RED and BLU Demon Hamster
Stunnable? Yes

Corrupted RED and BLU Demon Hamster is a boss soon to be in Slender Fortress in Demon Hamster's Server


(NOTE: This is a Story I made up for fun, don't take it too seriously.)

RED and BLU Demon Hamster were in the Cita-World in order to find this Crystal for God-like powers and Immortality. It wasen't easy for them to get through most of the Obstacles and Enemies, like when they tried to jump over an Acid-Filled Ravine with just only a Paper-Machay Bird. Or when Gurodalgodo was trying to get him to battle the two. After they got through the Obstacles, they had to fight a Guardian of the Crystal. The Guardian said that his name was Anemolousa and was a very strong Guardian and signed up for this kind of job and wished to fight such strong warriors. They than fought, it lasted quite long though, but the twins then won the Battle against Anemolousa. He was impressed at their fighting skills and gave access to the Crystal, there was apparently many of those Crystals. Anemolousa said that the Crystals could duplicate, incase if more than just one person came to claim it. RED and BLU Demon Hamster walked up to the Crystals and grabbed it, they were colored Rather Purple-Black. The Crystals than started to Deform into a Bigger one, Anemolousa was sucked into the merged Crystals, the Crystal than started to Form into a Horrifying Corrupted Abominations. The Twins Gasped at what the thing was, it looked like them, except Creepy Eyes, Blood-like Fluid was all over them, was Large, Had Swords just like RED and BLU Demon Hamster's Swords, and Glowed a Respective Color for the Creatures. The Creatures than started to Attack the Twins. RED and BLU Demon Hamster realized that the Real Battle has begun. 

In Slender FortressEdit

These guys have special attributes for each of them. Corrupted RED Demon Hamster was the dangerous one, as he could Shoot Fireballs, move fast, hard to stun, persistent, deals a lot of damage and decapitates players. Corrupted BLU Demon Hamster was a mild one, he is slow, can be stunned easily, is not too persistent, and he will Insta-Kill, turning players into gibs. They both use Unique animations, such as one of the Animations with having them to To do this ground-pound thing with their Swords or some Spin-Attack animation.


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