Intro Hissing
Type Selfdestructing Chaser
Signs of nearing Hissing
Origin Minecraft
Map(s) Any
Theme song  ???
Partners Mutant Creeper
Stunnable? Yes (But stunning them will cause them to explode)

The Creepers are bosses in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Creepers are common hostile mobs that will explode when close to the player. Creepers naturally spawn in the Overworld on top of solid blocks with a light level of 7 or less.

Creepers drop 0-2 gunpowder, and a music disc if killed by a skeleton arrow. They also drop a creeper head if killed by a charged creeper's explosion. They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

A creeper giving chase and about to explode. Creepers will chase after any player, as long as it is within a 16 block (±5%) radius and ±4 blocks vertically. As of 1.9, the detection range of creepers is reduced to half of their normal range (8 blocks) when the player is wearing a creeper mob head.

Creepers can climb up ladders and vines like any other mob, but do not do so intentionally.

When within one block of a player, a creeper will hiss loudly, start flashing and inflating, and violently explode after 1.5 seconds. A creeper's detonation can be halted if the player gets out of the blast radius (about 3 - 5 blocks, depending on the difficulty setting; including by knocking back a creeper) or kills it. However, the creeper's fuse countdown lasts a little longer if it encounters a cobweb, and it will not explode at all when completely inside cobweb. Creepers can be forced to explode by using a flint and steel.

Creepers will flee from ocelots and cats if one is too close, until they are approximately 25-30 blocks away from the feline(s).

A creeper's explosion has a power of 3 (but see an exception below).

Creepers are never targeted by any mobs, other than the wither and the snow golem. If they are hit by a stray projectile, they will only retaliate if they are not already chasing a player.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Creepers are selfdestructing bosses, they are about to explode while hissing. If you stun them, they will going to explode for second, so you should keep away from them. Or else, it will explode.