Dr. Crackger
Intro None
Type Mob
Signs of nearing Crazy and random sound clips
Origin Crack-Life
Map(s) Special boss
Theme song Campaign Mode Final Boss (Big Glasses and Einstein)

Rick Astley (Afro and Slick)

Partners 4 Crack-Life Scientist Variants
Stunnable? Yes

Dr. Crackger is a boss faced in Slender Fortress, exclusive to Demon Hamster's server.


Dr. Crackger is a crack version of Richard Trager. One of them has a big afro and one variant has giant glasses. There is also two other hatless variants.  They wear an unusual black tuxedo while he holding a gian syringe and has unusual faces. They use the sounds from the mod, "Crack-Life".

In Slender FortressEdit



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