Ennard full body
Intro None
Type Chaser/Hidden Placeholder (On LLFredbear0345LLs server)
Signs of nearing Unknown
Origin Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
Map(s) Private Room (TBA)
Theme song Unknown
Partners None
Stunnable? No
Ennard is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Ennard is a very damaged animatronic and doesn't have a normal model over his endoskeleton, however his head remains. Ennard has a birthday hat on him and may move with the face mask. He has only 1 red button on his chest. His endoskeleton is fully visible, there are wires sticking out and not sticked on the endoskeleton. People say its a Puppet/Mangle hybrid, but this rumor/theory may be true, however it may not be true as some people say its not a hybrid with the Puppet. It may look like he has 5 fingers on his hands, it is true on the SFM model, but its hard to notice in game. His toes looks like they are wires, but they aren't wires, but they can still hold him up. It may look like the unknown animatronic that no one knows what is hitting them if you type the code in night 5 wrong or too slow. Ennard can only be found in the Private Room which can be seen in the cameras like FNaF 1 through 3. Ennard can also crawl through vents making him hard to avoid. Ennard can come in the office without him going to the door just like how Freddy does in FNaF 1.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Ennard is a hidden placeholder in LLFredbear0345LL's server just like the Sawblade if you chose the difficulty Extreme or Suicidal, and chances are he will appear. Ennard is an instant killer and doesn't have any partners, because of this, Ennard is locked away in the Private Room and cannot get out, and its hard to get inside the Private Room. Ennard himself is almost just as hard as the Sawblade, however he chases slightly shorter than the Sawblade. Ennard can't be stunned, however he doesn't have any partners to help him. Its possible to escape him in a round, but you need to hide as oftenly as possible.

Trivia Edit

  • Ennard is another Chris Walker/Dr. Trager remake, but the thing is he is harder than both bosses, and cannot be spawned on Normal, but can spawn in Expert and Suicidal.
  • Ennard's spawn distance is lower than Sawblade's distance making him hard to counter and avoid.
  • He runs at a speed of 440 which is the same speed as LLFredbear666LL on Demon Hamster's and LLFredbear0345LL's servers.
  • Because he is a survival boss, Chris Walker/Dr. Trager remake, this makes him one of the hardest bosses on LLFredbear0345LL's server.