Environment Desert Temple
Boss(es) Bosses in the Expedition Pack (Disc-FF's SF2 Server)

Random (Supreme MVM's SF2 Server and Demon Hamster's SF2 Server)

Goals Collect the Camera near the Van.

Head inside of the Temple and try to get to the gate at the lowest part in the Temple.

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Expedition is a Slender Fortress 2 map that was originally created by Lampenpam for Zombie Fortress. Then being ported into Slender Fortress 2 by Demon Hamster Eating My Wafflez. The map appears on Demon Hamster's SF2 Server, Supreme MvM's SF2 Server, and Disc-FF's SF2 Server.


When Lampenpan made Expedition, it was a Zombie Fortress map, the goal was to capture control points, everytime RED Team (Survivor Team) captured a control point, players can continue further into the temple until they capture the last control point, which would force victory for RED Team, the BLU Team was the Zombies Team, their goal was to kill all RED Team members before they capture the final control point, killing all RED Team members will force victory on the BLU Team. When Demon Hamster decided to play Expedition on Zombie Fortress again, he felt like he needed to make Expedition into a Slender Fortress 2 map, and so he did. He thought it was pretty good the first time. When he updated the map to B1, Scooty Booty Sauce submitted Expedition to Disc-FF's SF2 Server. While Demon Hamster was happy at this, he started to not like Expedition, because he noticed, There were many .NAV Bugs on the Map, this caused the Bosses to get stuck VERY Easily, and the fact people are actually liking the map, even if its buggy, boring, and easy. This annoys Demon Hamster, but Demon Hamster thought he should update Expedition, fix many of the .NAV bugs and add some stuff to the map, and so he did.

In Slender FortressEdit

The goal of the map is to collect the Camera near the Van, enter the temple, and to get to the last part of the map and enter the Gate, which is in the "Underground City" while avoiding what ever lurks in that Temple... especially that... One toy that got the virus passed from his galactic friend while hunting down with that green giant, killing whatever they see and never giving up chasing whoever soul they want.

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