Environment Pizzaria/Restaurant
Boss(es) Animatronics (Possibly)

Random Bosses (Demon Hamster's Server)

Unwithered Animatronics (LLFredbear0345LL's Server)

Goals Collect 8 Gas Cans and return to the Office and touch the Phone to Escape.
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Escape Music {{{escape music}}}

Freddy is a Map in Slender Fortress 2, and is available to Demon Hamster and LLFredbear0345LL's Servers. (Originally was on LRG Servers, possibly.)


This map was suppost to be a recreation of the 2014 Horror Point-and-Click game "Five Nights at Freddy's". The map was created by Squidi. It was a small map with FNAF-Like areas. Like the Stage and the Office. This map was pretty amateur for its time, because it didn't have much areas, was small, and was very easy. It didn't have noteworthy rooms, like the Backstage, the Bathrooms, and the Closet. HOWEVER, Demon Hamster Eating My Wafflez decided to edit the map to have some more areas, and Air Vents to travel through the map easily, plus adding more Props and Page Spawns. 

In Slender FortressEdit

The goal of the Map is to collect 8 gas cans and return to the office and touching the phone on the desk (for some odd reason.) whilst avoiding presumably the Animatronics.

BLU TeamEdit

The Waiting Room was similar to the Play Area, but just the Office and Dining Room. The Dining Room was the PvP Arena, there were no Parkour Areas.


  • According to Bon Bon (Now known as MLG Typhlosion as of Today). The TRUE Creator of the map was some person named Daniel, he said he couldn't really remember. But he said this Daniel guy did not approve of Demon Hamster's Editing of the Map, even thought he tried to make it better. Bon Bon said that he was very rude and disrespectful.
  • This was considered the first ever FNAF map to SF2, and was very nostalgic. (Due to Demon Hamster seeing in the chat by BlueBerry and Bon Bon that it was nostalgic and memorable.)

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