Ink Bendy
Intro Ink Bendy jumpscaring from the vents
Type Static Chaser
Signs of nearing Breathing and unknown noises
Origin Bendy and the Ink Machine
Map(s) Any (For now)
Theme song Little Devil Darling Remastered
Partners None
Stunnable? No
Ink Bendy is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Ink Bendy is to appear as a Tall, inky, Cartoon Devil with ink on his Face, Body, and everywhere. He wears one glove on his left hand with a inky hand, revealed to be Human-Like shaped. His head shape is similar to the drawings, Cartoons, And cutouts in the studio when entering the game. Most of his appearance is a skinny-skeleton like appearance. The horns on him are slighly more curved and pointed. On his left arm, is slightly longer than his right arm.

In Slender FortressEdit

Ink Bendy cannot show any sign of idle of hearing other than him breathing, which makes it hard for louder Ambiances. Upon chasing a player, Ink Bendy can outrun any class besides the Medic, Spy, and Scout, and can chase until your sprint drains empty. Ink Bendy has a copy of himself to help out, so its best to always stay alert if both Ink Bendy's are close. Besides the copy, there are no partners with Ink Bendy. Its required to never look directly at him for a short amount of time, as his static rate is very high, which can kill anyone easily within 2 seconds.

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Trivia Edit

  • The model itself plus the animations were ripped from the original game, making it one of the few Slender Fortress 2 bosses to be ripped from Unity games
  • The original Ink Bendy in Slender Fortress 2 used to have non ripped animations, until he was removed after a while from all servers.
  • Beta Bendy's model was originally used for Ink Bendy in Slender Fortress until the release of Chapter 4 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.