Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington KHII
Intro Horseless Headless Horsemann's laugh (Seriously?) (LRG)
TBA (Demon Hamster)
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing A roar that I can't identify what sound is from (LRG)
Quotes from Kingdom Hearts (Demon Hamster)
Origin The Nightmare Before Christmas
Map(s) Special boss
Theme song LRG:
Suitor Theme (Really? -_-)

Demon Hamster:
This is Halloween (Search)
Spooks of Halloween Town (Chase)

Partners None (LRG)
Oogie Boogie (Kingdom Hearts Pack in Demon Hamster's server)
Stunnable? No

Jack Skellington is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Jack Skellington is the patron spirit of Halloween, portrayed as being on par with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny within his own holiday. As a living skeleton, he is immortal and can remove parts of his body without harm, as is often demonstrated for comic relief. He is the most important of many Halloween spirits, with the implication that their job is to scare people in the real world on Halloween night, though all in innocent fun.

In Slender FortressEdit

Lunar Republic GamingEdit

Jack Skellington is an average boss with incredible speed and standard persistence. However, it is hard to lose him and hide from him once he spots you. However, as long as you stay hidden.

Demon Hamster Eating My WafflezEdit

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Slender Fortress 2 10 - La tumba olvidada de Cleopatra (Slenderman Dalek Jack)

Slender Fortress 2 10 - La tumba olvidada de Cleopatra (Slenderman Dalek Jack)

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  • "Here I come!"
  • "Prepare to scream!"
  • "Here!"
  • "Take that!"
  • "Ho!"
  • "There!"
  • "Ta-da!!"
  • "Something is amiss!"
  • "Encore!"