To see the only Medic MeeM, see MeeM.

The MeeM Swarm
A large pack of MeeM's
Intro All MeeMs are saying "MeeM!"
Type Swarm

Proxy Master

Signs of nearing "MeeM!"
Origin Gentlemanly Demo's Greatest Duel
Map(s) Any
Theme song Welcome to My Lair!
Partners MeeM variants

BLU MeeM (Proxies)

Stunnable? No

The MeeMs are a group of bosses appeared on Slender Fortress.


MeeMs are curious creatures that originate from "MeeM Forests", where they live in large swarms.

Despite appearing to be made of wood, they are exceptionally crafty beings that appear in large gatherings, striking without notice. They are shy creatures when alone, but when in large groups, they can be quite aggressive and determined.

In Slender FortressEdit

MeeMs come in nine variants, each appearing as a different TF2 class:

  • Scout MeeM - A chasing bosses. They're capable for high speeds faster than other bosses do.
  • Soldier MeeM - Shoot rockets like Arch-vile.
  • Pyro MeeM - Acts like BEN Drowned, they set you in fire if you see them.
  • Demoman MeeM - Also known as "DemoMeeM", these MeeMs are known for their very loud voices. If these MeeM see you in second, they will charge up to chase you faster.
  • Heavy MeeM - These are the leaders of MeeM packs, and are known to be the most aggressive of all variants. This MeeM is twice a size of Giant Zombie Soldier.
  • Engineer MeeM - Also known as "MeeMgineers", you must look at them while running away from it.
  • Medic MeeM - See Medic MeeM.
  • Sniper MeeM - Acts like Weeping Angel and SCP-173, you must look at it, but don't blink or look away.
  • Spy MeeM - Acts like Trypophobia, it will teleport around you.

BLU MeeMEdit

The BLU MeeM Proxies are BLU Team player-controlled helpers that helps the main boss to hunt RED team.

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