Nightmare Rowdyruff Boys
Nightmare Rowdyruff Boys
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Type Chasers
Signs of nearing Quotes of Powerpuff Girls
Origin Powerpuff Girls
Map(s) Special boss
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Stunnable? Yes
Nightmare Rowdyruff Boys is a boss in Slender Fortress. They are plunged into the nightmare of darkness.

Description Edit

When they were first introduced, the personality of the Rowdyruff Boys were very similar, as their only goal was to defeat the Powerpuff Girls and cause havoc. When they were revived by Him, their personalities began to differ, although they still strive to have fun while causing destructive havoc and destroying the girls. Being boys, they are extremely violent and confrontational to the point that they're often fighting even one another with very little provocation at all, and have only a fraction of the girls' intelligence. They like to be gross and insult others like putting slugs, spitting, cracking bones, throw scabs, etc.

Shaped nightmare of darkness, the color of Rowdyruff Boys, was changed into black (red black, blue, and dark green)

In Slender Fortress Edit

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