Intro Shared with Mugman
Type Chaser Charger
Signs of nearing Sounds taken from other bosses like Psychos
Origin Mugman
Map(s) Any
Theme song Shares same chase theme for Mugman.
Partners Mugman


Stunnable? Yes

Pementa is a boss in Slender Fortress that is exclusive to Demon Hamster's Server.


Pementa is Mugman's best friend. She is a very, very odd pepper shaker. She's energetic and eccentric. She often goes on tangents about her life, whether it relates to the situation or not. She has a few supernatural abilities, such as walking up walls and stretching limbs. She has a huge crush on Mugman, though Mugman is completely oblivious.

In Slender FortressEdit

Pementa is Probably the most Dangerous one out of Mugman and Teanna, she is a Charger with NO COOLDOWN, so if your in her sight, run for dear life. She is much stronger than Mugman and Teanna, She does more damage with her attack, about 36 and 72 Damage! But her being a Charger type, she is much faster than the player, and she chases you a little longer than Mugman and Teanna. Good thing is you can stun her, but like Mugman and Teanna, stunning is risky.