Phantom Chica
Extra Chica
Intro Ending Music from Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Walking
Origin Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Map(s) Whispers of Freddy
Theme song None
Partners Springtrap, Phantom BB, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Mangle, Phantom Puppet
Stunnable? No

Phantom Chica is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Phantom Chica is essentially the same model as Chica from the first game, but she lacks eyes, instead having white, pin-pricked irises, similar to Springtrap's as well as the other phantoms. She also appears to be charred or burnt, possibly foreshadowing the torching of the attraction. Phantom Chica also appears to have her mouth open all the time, even while performing her jumpscare. Her hands appear to be different from that of her original counterpart; while her original counterpart had proper fingers, Phantom Chica's hands look similar to that of a pair of mittens, the fingers blended together and the thumb being separate. This is easier to notice in her brightened image.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Phantom Chica cannot instakill you but she makes your screen flashing red and makes you blink faster, a few Phantom Animatronics has the only helper that CAN instakill you called, Springtrap.