The Gray Man
Lsd dream emulator grey man vector by smilecat98-d66dubx
Intro None
Type Look and Run
Signs of nearing Weird sounds
Origin LSD: Dream Emulator
Map(s) Any
Theme song  ???
Partners None
Stunnable? No

The Gray Man, Grey-Coat, Mysterious Gentleman or Spy is a boss in Slender Fortress.


The Gray Man is described as wearing a dark gray bucket hat and trench coat of the same color. His hands are always inside his pockets and his elbows stick out slightly. His face is entirely blank. He appears to "glide" instead of walk, as his feet never move. He has a bit of a hunchback, which is generally seen as a negative trait. Due to this it is almost perceived as though he was looking at the player in an angry manner or with intent to intimidate (despite his lack of a face). This could further imply him being an antagonistic character.

In Slender FortressEdit

The Gray Man will appear at seemingly random times throughout certain areas, and will slowly approach the player. Upon getting close, he will disappear in a bright flash, similar to a camera flash. The Gray Man is notorious for his startling sudden appearances. He may appear more than once in an area consecutively, even rapidly for that matter.

To avoid an encounter with the Gray Man, run away while keeping him within your field of vision. The game places him in the vision of the player, so running backwards is the best method for escaping.



Slender Fortress 2 The Gray Mann..

Slender Fortress 2 The Gray Mann...