Tinky Winky (Slendytubby)
Tinky Winky S3
Intro "3.. (giggles) 2.. 1.."
Type Static Teleporting Chaser
Signs of nearing
Tinky winky scream
Origin Slendytubbies III
Map(s) Teletubby Land
Theme song None
Partners Tinkytank
Stunnable? No

Tinky Winky (also known as Slendytubby) is a boss of Slender Fortress.


In the third game, he has the same appearance from the first opus. However, his face is different in many ways, and he seems to have an angry expression.

He is also similar on his Muscular State, except that he's bigger and has scars on his body. His face is also different in many ways; he has an open-wide mouth with sharp teeths, one left white eye and one right red eye.

In Slender FortressEdit

Tinky Winky spawns in every areas. He chases the player and lets out a large screech if he is spotted. However, he only kills the player if he comes in contact. Whenever a page/custard is picked up, he will pick up his pace until he finally catches up to the player or if the player collects all of the pages.


  • In the original Slendytubbies, Tinky Winky chases you when he's on T-pose. However, In Slendytubbies III, Tinky Winky is seen moving on his normal state, rather than being static.

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